The sole proprietorship PANAGIOTA YFTODIMOU and hereinafter referred to as “Company” for the sake of
brevity welcomes you to its website is an online store selling
products via the internet created by the “Company” which is located in Vasiliko Chalkida , Aggeletou and
Mavromichali, 34002 – Tax ID 044023649 and contact phone 22210 54240 / 55480, email address and telephone service line of the online store 2221055480 & 54240. Any access of
the visitor and any use of the material found on our company’s website is subject to the following terms and
conditions of use. Therefore, please read the following terms and conditions of use carefully in order to visit
and use our “Company” website. Once visited, your use of the website implies that you have carefully read,
understood and fully agree to the terms and conditions of use of the website. In
particular, visitors to the website agree that: will use their real data (surname, name, name, address, e-mail)
in the contact forms; will use the site in accordance with the law and good morals and will not take any
actions or omissions that may cause damage to it and to any other user or networks connected to it. The
Company reserves the right to freely modify or revise the terms and conditions of transactions from the
online store, whenever it deems necessary, and undertakes to inform consumers of any change, through the
pages of this online store. Users may not raise any form of claim against the company, for example,
indicatively and not restrictively, for not using a specific way of presenting products, a way of completing
the product purchase process, etc., even if the above have been used by the “Company” itself.

According to Law 2121/1993 (and the International Convention of Bern, ratified by Law 100/1975) as it is
in force after its amendment by Law 4212/2013, the reproduction (total, partial or summary) or
paraphrasing or adaptation, rendering of the content of the website in any way and means, mechanical,
electronic, photocopying or other without the prior written permission of the “Company” is prohibited.

Use of the website
Both the website of the “Company”, i.e. the website, and its contents have been taken
care to be in accordance with Greek law and Greek legislation. This means that there may be a difference
with the legislation of other countries, so anything relating to a service or product offer through this website
in countries where this may be prohibited is considered as non-existent. The “Company” reserves the right,
at any time it deems necessary, to freely review and modify the terms and conditions of transactions from
the online store. For any change it has the obligation to inform consumers through its website.

Personal Data
The “Company” has as a basic principle the respect and protection of the personal data of all users of its
website. For further information on the protection of personal data and the Privacy and Confidentiality
Policy, please consult the corresponding paragraph on the website. Indemnification Any violation of the
Terms and Conditions of Use of the website on the part of the user automatically implies the user’s
agreement to be liable for indemnification by him/her of both the Company and its direct collaborators
(suppliers, partners) for any loss, damage or expense resulting from this violation. Also, compensation for
all legal costs arising from the violation of the Terms and Conditions is the sole responsibility of the user
and will be borne by the user.

Personal data of minors may be collected, used and disclosed only upon express written consent of their
parents or guardians. 
However, the Company will not be liable for any false data submission by the users when they fill in the user
registration application. 

Exclusion of liability
The user’s visit to the website automatically implies the assumption by the user of
any possible risk that may arise from this visit and use of the website. The “Company” will of course make a
constant effort, as far as possible, so that the content of the website is as accurate as possible and the
information is reliable. Nevertheless, however, it does not guarantee or promise that it will be able to
achieve the continuous updating, accuracy and completeness of the website. None of the “Company” and

those involved in the completion of the website, both in terms of design and the creation and distribution of
the website, is liable for any damage to the user resulting from any use or inability to use this website, or for
any damage that may result from any negligence, however slight, of any of its employees or participants in
the “Company” unless it is proved that the damage or omission is due to the Company’s own malice
intended to cause harm to the user in question.

The entire content of the Website, including images, graphs, photographs, figures, texts, provided services,
sounds, videos, names, logos, distinctive features, products and, in general, all files constitute intellectual
property, registered trademarks and service marks of the Company and/or its associates and are protected
according to the relevant provisions of the Greek and EU law and of the international conventions. 
Therefore, any copy, republication, loading, analog/digital recording and mechanical reproduction,
distribution, transmission, downloading, processing, resale, creation of derivative works or misleading of
the public about the actual provider of the content of the Website is strictly prohibited. The laws on
industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition. Their display and exposure should not be
construed as a grant of license or right to use them by third parties. If the company opposes any kind of
interception, it will immediately proceed to the use of all its legal rights

On Staff Confidentiality
The “Company” respects the privacy of the users of its website. Thus any information related to personal
data that has been given to our company is used only by our company and is not given to any other person
for any reason unless formal permission is given by the user stating that he/she agrees to this. All
information, which relates to your personal information and transactions, is secure and confidential. The
only person who has access to your login information is you and you are solely responsible for maintaining
its secrecy and concealing it from third parties. In case of their loss or leakage, the online store of the
“Company” is not responsible for their use by unauthorized persons. The “Company” for its part keeps
confidential any data of the users of its website as well as any transaction with them. Only authorized
employees have access to your transaction information and only when it is necessary, e.g. to process your
requests. For any disclosure of information we must have either the written authorization of the users or
the grounds of court orders or other public authority. Any material sent to “The Company” via the internet
either by email or otherwise our “Company” assumes the responsibility to consider and treat it as non-
confidential, while at the same time making no commitment with respect to such material. In all of the
above, those terms and conditions stated in the Privacy Policy are excluded.

Purchase procedure
Our aim is to serve you through a simple, fast, secure and pleasant transaction process. You click on the
relevant icon – button in order to purchase the item you are interested in and add it to your cart, which is
unique for any purchase you make during your visit. Confirmation of the order After your order, we will
contact you by e-mail (to the email you have indicated) and/or by phone to confirm your order. If it is not
possible to contact you, the order will remain pending for one week, after which time if it remains
unfulfilled it will be automatically cancelled. Processing of the order Accepted are orders that are made from
Greece and therefore shipments of goods are made only in Greece. Orders are executed during the day
between 09:00 and 15:00 except Saturday and Sunday. The order is sent to the address indicated by the
customer by means chosen by the “Company”. The order is dispatched within 10 (Ten) working days at the
cost indicated in the respective customer information table.
In the event that each user of the website wants to proceed with the purchase of products, he/she has the
possibility to log in through an account or execute an order as a visitor. In order to create an account on the
website and to connect to it, the user must follow the registration instructions indicated each time. Through
his account, the user will be able to purchase the products he wishes, in accordance with the other terms of
use. If the user wishes to request the cancellation of his/her account, he/she may contact the company at via the email address provided during registration and submit a request.
The “Company” clarifies that the entire aforementioned registration and account creation process on the
website is optional for making purchases through the website. The user may make the aforementioned
purchases without creating an account on the website. In any case, however, the user accepts that the
company reserves the right to modify the procedure on the website for making distance purchases. orce
majeure .

If for reasons of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes) we are unable to deliver the goods
within the predetermined time of 10 days from receipt of your order (with the exception of cases of
unavailability of products), we will contact you as soon as possible in order to state whether you wish,
under these circumstances, to complete your order.

The Company may not warrant the availability of the ordered products. However, in case of non availability
of the products, we pledge to inform you within a reasonable period since your order date. 
The Company reserves its rights for any technical or typographical errors in the product features that have
escaped its attention or occur unintentionally or are due to any downtime of the Website on grounds of
force majeure. 
Furthermore, the Company is liable for malice and gross negligence against users only in the event of no
execution of the order or delayed delivery of the ordered products.  In addition, it reserves its rights for the
time of delivery in cases of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.). 
The Company will not be liable for actual or consequential, direct or indirect damages that may be due to
inability to use the Website and to errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the functioning of the Website
or the transmission of information via the Website to the Internet. 
The Company will not be liable for any technical problems that may arise when the users access and use the
Website and are related to the compatibility of their infrastructure therewith or any “viruses” or other
harmful components contained in Websites.

Price policy
The indicated prices of the products are the final prices (including VAT). The “Company” reserves the right
to change prices without prior notice to the customer. It is understood that the customer always pays at the
time of receipt the price indicated for this product at the time of placing the order, as detailed below.

Products and Pricing
All products displayed on the Company’s website are presented with their retail prices which include VAT,
unless otherwise specified in a product. In order to complete the order, as far as its cost is concerned, the
respective shipping and/or packaging costs will be added to the retail price of the product(s), the amount of
which will be notified to the user-customer before the final submission of the order. The costs and charges
charged to the customer are those in force at the time of the completion of the order if the customer so
wishes. The “Company” reserves the right at any time to modify the prices of its products, but this
modification will apply to new orders and not to those that have been accepted (i.e. are in the pending
status) already by the “Company” or have been sent… For an order to be considered completed, the
customer must receive a written confirmation e-mail from the “Company” and must have paid. If for any
reason the “Company” withdraws and does not proceed with the fulfillment of an order the only obligation
it has towards the customer is the refund of the price already received and no other obligation.
You have the right to return products purchased and request their replacement:
a) In all cases where was proven to be liable for delivery of products other or essentially
different than those ordered. In all cases where was proven to be liable for delivery of products other or
essentially different than those ordered. b) In all cases of product defect. You have the right to return the
products purchased and request their replacement with another product or products up to the amount paid
or with additional money if you so wish within thirty (15) days from the day you received your order.
You have the right to return the products purchases and request for refund of the price paid a) in all cases of
product defect. b) Within 14 days from product delivery shall be held liable for
compensation in case of defect only if that has arisen due to its liability, in which case it shall not be held
liable for negligence. Moreover, in all cases, the product to be replaced should be necessarily accompanied

with the original sales receipt. For all the aforesaid cases, the products to be replaced should be in the
condition as received by the client, complete and damage-free and their packaging should be the one that
normally accompanies the product and it should be in excellent condition together with all accompanying
documents (e.g. Shipping Notice, Sales Receipt etc.).
Before any return, it is recommended to consult with In any case, return and replacement
is possible under the following conditions. 2. In case where the product is changed within 15 days with
another product(s) up to the amount of the price or with additional price or withdrawal within 14 days
under Article 5(10) of Law 2251/1994, the product must not have been used. 3.

Order Cancellation
An order may be cancelled in the following cases: Before the order is complete, during the online order
placement, you may remove product quantities from your basket by pressing the delete button. If the online
order has been completed, but the product has not yet been invoiced/sent, you may call 2221055480 &
54240 and we shall undertake the cancellation of your order. In case where your order has already been
invoiced, but you have not yet received it and you wish it is cancelled, immediately contact us at
2221055480 & 54240 and give your order details. We shall immediately inform you about all your options.
Once part of the order is received and you do not want the remaining order to be sent, call us at
2221055480 & 54240 or contact us through the online contact form and explain the reason why you wish
the remaining order to be cancelled. We shall immediately inform you about all your options.

The “Company” reserves the right at any time it deems necessary to modify or change part or all of the
Terms and Conditions of Use of its website and any of the changes shall be considered binding on users from
the moment of their appearance on the website, which at the same time constitutes a notice to users for the
changes. Also, if any of the stated Terms and Conditions of Use is not applicable (deemed invalid or illegal)
this will not affect the other terms at all, except for this one, which will be considered as if it had not been